Competitive CS:GO Stats

Start tracking your CS:GO Stats in competitive matchmaking games. You can add your matches to the site with one of the following methods:

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Paste your CS:GO share link into the Steam Chat room. The BOT will reply with a link back to the stats.
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Latest Matches

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So what are the advanced stats?

Full Match Overview

Details on how every round was won
The complete round breakdown of kills in round
Rounds that contain clutch plays are indicated by a
A timeline of every round showing kills
CS:GO Match Round Breakdown

Advanced Scoreboard

Entry Kill Details
Clutch Wins
HLTV Rating
Player Ranks
Player Queue Groups
Link to player profiles

Weapon Breakdown

Kills along with % of total kills
HS% with each weapon
Weapon Breakdown

Personal Profile

Full Competitve Match History
Overal Stats Current Rank
Player Profile
How to use the website

Matches can be added to the website in one of two ways. You can either submit the match share link in the form at the top of this page. Or alternatively you can paste it into the Steam Group chat room.

Getting the share code

Load CS:GO


Click “Watch” in the top menu


Select a match


In the top right corner, click on the copy share link. This will copy it to your clipboard, ready to be pasted into the chat room or into the website.

Share Code
I have the share code now what?
You can either enter it at the top of this page

Join the Steam Chat Room and just paste it in there. Our BOT, ( BOT) will add it to the website for you.