Site Changes

24th May 2017
Have made a few small changes over the past month, details below:
  • Added game bans to the tracked bans
  • Fixed Galil showing twice on player profiles
  • Added support for Operation Hydra maps
14th Feb 2017
Added live match lookups.
30th Jan 2017
Small update to improve performance on player profiles, and the following changes:
  • Played With list is now downloaded after the tab is viewed and not just on page load
  • Played With now uses the filters applied on page load when being requested
  • Added last game to the played with data set
  • Filters do not affect current rank, best rank, last match date or comp wins
  • Map filters are limited to maps the player has actually got matches on
26th Jan 2017
Started to look at the feedback and begin implimenting fixes, below is a small list of changes that have been made over the past 24hours or so.
  • Leaderboards fixed
  • Removed random alert when changing pages with matches in the queue.
  • Serveral database optimisations for player profiles, people should see a significant increase here
  • Added VAC filter back to player profiles
  • You can now see player groups on the match screen again
21st Jan 2017
List of small fixes made in preparation for v2 to go live.
  • Revised home page
  • Changed "Rounds" layout on match pages
  • Added some basic responsive rules to help users on smaller screens. More work needs to be done on this.
  • The player search bar can now be used to add matches to your queue.
  • Various crossbrowser display fixes
8th Jan 2017
Site has had a complete design revamp to incorporate some new statistics, and to allow for addition of more features going forward. Below is a list of some of the bigger new features.
  • New add match interface, allowing you to see progress of all your added games
  • More graphs on player profiles
  • New "Player With" tab on profiles. This shows the stats for you and that player in games that you both player together.
  • Accuracy statistics
  • Map statistics on player profiles
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